Cristo Rey Brooklyn Athletics Philosophy

Interscholastic-athletics is an ideal platform to develop, teach and reinforce character traits and values such as: self-discipline, personal responsibility, work ethic, respect for authority, self-control, mental-toughness, poise & teamwork. Coaching is teaching in its purest form.  Coaches will take advantage of every opportunity to instill these traits in our student-athletes. Our expectation is to win every competition we are present for; however, we will always keep winning in the correct perspective. Success is not always evidenced by a high winning percentage. Success is achieved through a relentless effort to become the best we are capable of becoming.

Cristo Rey Brooklyn is committed to building a strong interscholastic athletics program to complement our rigorous academic curriculum and Corporate Work Study Program. Through participation in athletics, our students develop vital character traits, such as: self-discipline, work ethic, and teamwork.

Currently, we offer:


  • Cross Country
  • Varsity, Boys Soccer
  • Varsity, Girls Soccer 
  • Varsity, Girls Volleyball


  • Varsity, Boys Basketball
  • Varsity, Girls Basketball
  • JV, Boys Basketball
  • Indoor Track


  • Varsity Baseball
  • Varsity Softball
  • Outdoor Track
  • Club Boxing

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CRBHS Athletics Philosophy

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