Student: Maria Gutierrez

Grade: Senior

Company: Massey for Mayor 2017

Supervisor: Catherine Wang

Workday: Wednesdays

Congratulations to Maria Gutierrez, Cristo Rey Brooklyn Employee of the Month for January. Maria's supervisor, Catherine Wang, had some great things to say about Maria's performance: "Maria's main responsibility at Massey for Mayor is to manually update a huge prospect list. Even though the task is tedious, she always approaches the task with enthusiasm. Overall Maria has an excellent work ethic, is happy to help out where needed and is a pleasure to be around!"


Student: Lynniah Griffith

Grade: Sophomore

Company: Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Supervisor: Veronica Harris

Workday: Tuesdays

Congratulations to Lynniah Griffith, Cristo Rey Brooklyn Employee of the Semester for the fall of 2016! Lynniah's supervisor, Veronica Harris, had some great things to say about Lynniah's performance: "In her two years at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Lynniah has impressed the team with her constant work ethic, appropriateness and integrity. We want to offer her a well rounded experience, but the membership team does not want to give her up. We are so grateful to have her and welcome any opportunity to sing Lynniah's praises!"


Student: Kara Amy

Grade: Senior

Company: American Express

Supervisor: Pamela Zimmerman

Workday: Wednesdays

Congratulations to Kara Amy, Cristo Rey Brooklyn Employee of the Month for November. Kara's supervisor, Pamela Zimmerman, had some great things to say about Kara's performance: "Kara is truly an asset to the Global Real Estate and Workplace Enablement team here at American Express. Recently we hosted a team meeting with more than 70 participants from all over the world. It was suggested that we design a logo for the event, but after a couple of meetings we had know idea what it should look like. I emailed Kara information on the event and within two hours she sent back six design options. We combined two of her designs and used that logo on every email, document, name tag and signage for the event! I am singling out one instance, but Kara is always ready, willing, and able to jump in whenever and wherever needed as well as having a wonderful disposition and a beautiful personality."


Student: Malika Davis

Grade: Freshman

Company: Investors Bank

Supervisor: Liana Vayntraub

Workday: Fridays

Congratulations to Malika Davis, Cristo Rey Brooklyn Employee of the Month for October. Malika's supervisor, Liana Vayntraub, had some great things to say about Malika's performance: "Malika takes on every task assigned with enthusiasm and positivity.  She asks great questions and shows an understanding of the answers that she receives.  Malika is also a wonderful artist and has been extremely helpful in coming up with ideas for the team vision board.  Malika is a great team player and I'm honored to have her as my intern!"